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About Our Company

Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing, Inc.® was started in 1984 to manufacture and distribute targeting and accessories for support of Computer-Aided Theodolite Systems. We now support several coordinate measuring systems: Retro-Reflective(R®) and Contrast Photogrammetry Targets, Laser Tracker, and other emerging coordinate measurement systems. Limited support for Theodolite Systems continues.

Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing, Inc.® is the original and most trusted manufacturer of quality targeting, accessories, and tooling components. Our designs and part numbers are recognized as the industry standard.

The products shown in our catalog are examples of many variations which are possible in Standard Retro-Reflective(R®) and Contrast Photogrammetry Targets, Laser Tracker Adaptors and Accessories in addition to the original Theodolite technology. Many items are available in stainless steel as well as 1144 steel.

Our product manifest consists of more than 3300 part numbers, by far the largest in the industry. Even with this diversity of products, we recognize and support the customer's needs for specialized targets and accessories. Our customers have the ability to speak with a member of our team that is directly involved with the production of your order. This unique and direct approach provides for a smooth and correct transfer of requirements that reduce the risk of misinformation, raises consumer confidence, and makes your critical deadline possible.

Newest Products

The Super Precision Scan Sphere (SPSS) provides the same centerline value as a 1.500” Spherically Mounted Retro-Reflector. The SPSS fits over any 1.5 spherical item to hold the same center within .002”, including a SMR. Diameter held to within .002”. A 1.500 sphere is included with every SPSS.

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The NEW 1.5SM-BNL-3PA is our latest Drift Nest for a 1.5 SMR. We worked directly with our top customers to develop the best Drift Nest available today! Featuring a very coarse textured bottom surface that allows for maximum adhesion when being bonded in place and it can also be bolted by using the center hole. For customers who need to mount a #6 threaded screw through a 5/16 threaded hole, this is the perfect mount. (Metric options also available) This mount features a rubber molded cap option that stays with the mount when not in use.

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Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing, Inc. ® has made our catalog sections available to print and download right here on our website.
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Hubbs has been certifying, serializing, & satisfying for years.

Hubbs Machine is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certified
Certificate Number QMS-0588a

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