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  • $64.00

    Mounted in concrete flooring/foundations, etc., to allow for a permanent reference.FTI FEATURES: MEDIUM KNURLED BRASS...

  • $77.00

    Holds a Hard Point 90° for locating to identifier rivets, scribe lines, etc.HPS FEATURES: ALUMINUM BLACK,ANODIZED COATING...

  • $32.00

    Uses .2500 + .0003 / .0000hole that is perpendicular to the top surface which allows interchangeability with standard construction ball, standard optical targeting, or larger diameter items such as La...

  • $17.50

    Low-cost, efficient way for establishing a permanent, critical .2500 diameter target hole along with a flat and perpendicular reference upper surface. Epoxy, hot glue, or tack weld in place.TRP FEATUR...

  • $57.00

    Designed to locate the center of a scribed cross-hair using tick marks.MBTHA FEATURES: 1144 STEEL, BLACK OXIDE FINISH (standard)...

  • $129.00

    Intended to be used when standard, off the shelf designs, such as .3125 and .5000 offsets with .2500 shanks, cannot be used. All of are balls are welded to the shank.These two common sizes are $50.00:...

  • $560.00

    LT - BHT FEATURES: 1144 STEEL OXIDE FINISH (standard)LT - BHT ORDERING: For custom lengths, please call for quote....

  • $475.00

    Designed to find centerline of various diameters.DVTPM FEATURES: ALUMINUM BLACK, ANODIZED COATING...

  • $240.00

    Aluminum, Black Anodized Finish (standard)

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