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About Our Company

Since 1984, HUBBS has been setting the standard in developing and manufacturing innovative solutions for metrology's most demanding practitioners. Our relentless pursuit of perfection is why HUBBS products are trusted and used worldwide by metrologists and engineers executing the most complex projects.

HUBBS Metrology Solutions, or HUBBS as we like to call ourselves, began as Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing, Inc.® in 1984. Our founder, Bill Hubbs, started with the goal of creating the finest targets and accessories to support Computer-Aided Theodolite Systems. As advances in large scale metrology emerged, HUBBS took on the challenge to produce innovative solutions to serve our clients better. HUBBS now offers a product line that supports all major metrology support systems.

Bill Hubbs retired in 2019, and Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing, Inc.® became HUBBS Metrology Solutions. HUBBS is the same company you have come to know and love, only better! There is a renewed commitment to what has made HUBBS so valuable to our clients—innovation, precision, exemplary customer service, and fast, reliable turnaround for production.

The majority of our products are customized parts designed and manufactured specifically for each client and the projects they are working on. If a product solution does not yet exist, and there is a need for it, our team will work diligently to innovate a solution to suit the project. We do this all with a commitment to precision, service, and turnaround that exceeds client expectations.

None of this would be possible without our greatest asset—the HUBBS team. We work to create an environment that encourages growth and inspires lifetime employment. Our culture is centered around shared values: Always remain Honest, Hard Working, and Humble—Always Learning, Always Teaching.

Our Master Craftsmen spend decades developing and honing the skills needed to deliver the HUBBS promise of precision. Maintaining our capability to operate within the tightest tolerances is our most important goal. The unique marriage of Master Craftsman and the most technologically advanced precision machining equipment is what sets HUBBS apart.

While technology is advancing rapidly, one thing has not changed at HUBBS—exemplary service and collaboration with our clients. We continue to improve our online ordering process, and we are always eager and willing to connect one-on-one. To HUBBS, these partnerships are priceless and will remain that way. We value the relationships we cultivate with our clients, listen to their needs, and work hard to accommodate them and the industries we partner with.



Our Clients

As the market leader in our field, we have sold a great deal of targeting around the globe. Our client list now totals more than 900 clients in over 35 countries.

This client list reads like the “Who’s Who” in industries such as aerospace, ship building and automotive. You can find our products associated with the leading applied science and research laboratories around the world. From spacecraft to nuclear power, we can help with your close tolerance measuring projects. Give us a call at 636-285-4388.

Oh, by the way, a real person will answer your call, that’s just the beginning of our outstanding customer service our clients have grown to appreciate.

Contact information

Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing Inc.,
1533B Larkin Williams Road
Fenton, MO 63026

Phone: 636-285-4388

Fax: 636-285-5970

Charlie Graham
Senior Vice President Operations/Innovation

Marsha Gearon
Manager Customer & Vendor Administration

Technical Support

Ordering Information

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